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Limited Edition - Deliver Me


Imagine, if you will, you put on a pair of your finest leather chaps and a stiff pair of gloves just aching for wear. You lace up your boots nice and tight, ready to hit the road on your bike. You head out to the forest on the outskirts of town, smelling the scent of trampled earth surrounding you: it's good to be back out in your element. You see the bonfires burning brightly as ever and the Bear Pride flag flying high in the distance, and you rev your engine. You can't wait to get to the party. Upon approaching, you smell the scent of older, broken-in, worn leather, the sort that covers the clubhouse furniture, but that you also hope will cover you later. Everyone has brought something to share. You've brought pretzels and spicy mustard, to honor your hero Claus. He always did love mustard. You drop it off at the kitchen, and then everyone starts to swarm around greeting you. The party's arrived, and life is good. Yep, that's what Deliver Me smells like.

The scent that we chose is a mixture of three *very* masculine and complementary notes. Again, we have been asked by many customers to expand our masculine and gender-neutral soaps, and we're giving the people what they want! This was originally developed for a bear wedding, so we wanted to use scents that both the bear and leather communities would appreciate.

This comes in soap, whipped sugar and salt body scrubs, and bath salts, as well as full-sized skull bath bombs and mini-sized cauldron bath bombs.  The soaps are made with our glycerin Shadowtime base, and are appropriate for a broad range of skin types from normal to combination in both directions.

These soaps are LARGER than our usual Shadowtime Base soaps coming in at well over 7 oz for the main bar. Perfect for those with large paws.

The mini's are only that in name. Each square is a massive 2oz of product.  The three soaps together weigh slightly less than one full size bar, and are ideal for travel, guest bathrooms or gifts! Minis come with a few options, so you can pick the version that's right for you.  Choose SINGLE SCENT for 3 of the same kind, MYSTERY if you want us to pick 3 for you, or MIXED if you'd prefer to tell us which ones you like.(either leave us a note with a paypal payment, message us on Facebook, or send us an email at and let us know which 3 you want.)

All body scrubs and butters come in colored and uncolored varieties.  The salt scrubs come in a regular and extra scrubby option - the Krueger mix.  (Important:  Don't use salt scrubs on your face. The salt particles are too large to be safe. Also, don't use sugar scrubs internally. I shouldn't have to say this and yet, here we are.)

 Important note:  The Kreuger remix comes in an 8 oz tub.  It's in the same size container as the 4 oz. original mix, but the change in proportions means it only fluffs up half as much on whipping, so it fits more into the jar by weight.

(*Technically they are 7.25 ounces when they are first poured, but they shrink slightly as they cure. In the end they're about 7.)

Bath products:

Soak yourself into darkness with Drowning Like the Garden. Drowning Like the Darkness Bath Salts are perfect for unwinding after a long day, relaxing, and plotting world domination.  Or something.  Just add a few spoons to your bathwater to create the perfect bath experience.

Try a bath bomb

The large bath bombs are huge, elaborately skull shaped,  and weigh in at just over 10 oz. each. The mini ones are about 5.5 ounces and are (mostly) cauldron shaped with tentacles.

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