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Limited Edition: Send Nothing to Hide Supplies to Medical Professionals!


Before I got sick (I'm out of quarantine now.) , I had an idea to send Nothing to Hide soaps and body products (so, unscented, and uncolored with no detergent) to medical professionals throughout the US to try and help them with all the additional handwashing and skin care they need to do.  Doing this internationally is difficult right now because of postal slowdowns so I'm going to limit it to the United States, NOT because I don't want to support folks like the NHS, but because as a practical matter, that's very hard to do right now.  

So here's the deal.  if you want, you can buy stuff, and I will ship it to a contact at a medical facility for it to be distributed  along with your name, unless you want to be anonymous, which is fine too. (I'll probably send medium size flat rate boxes, which means about 15 full size bars per box.)  You can even pick where you want your donation to go.  As of this writing I have six states covered (and I'll take more, but only one location per state because I am exactly one human.)  so if YOU are a medical professional and want to offer up your workplace, get in touch.  The ones that I have were chosen because those were the medical professionals I knew, so those facilities got picked first, but I can add more, if yours is in a state I don't already have listed.  

This is a limited edition thing but right now, just like the pandemic it's kind of open ended. I can say I will do it til the end of May, for sure, and  reassess where we are then.  

As an added bonus for you, if you donate  here, I will send you a 10% off code for your own order that you can use at a later time for yourself.  

Thanks everyone again for being patient and supporting people who are doing an insane amount of (literally) both life threatening and life saving work at a very scary time.  

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