Artist Notes - Atomic Eyes

Drive into the storm, into the fire
Into the neon lights

(insert joke about showering with Andy Deane here....)  

A few months before the release of The Rain Within's Atomic Eyes album, I presented Andy Deane  a concept design for a product series to help support the record. He loved it and wanted very much to see it put into production so I worked with him to develop a scent profile and flavors with his personal input.

Here's the original sketch of the full size soap design: 

Getting this design off the ground took a lot of work.  

Since this was a unique design, it took a custom solution.  3d models were created (by Gothika's own Pie Zipper), sent to our 3d printer god (Eain Bankins) in Los Angeles, and were then sent back to NYC, where they were turned into silicone molds for soap pouring.  There's actually five different pieces - 4 heartbeats (2 full size, 2 mini), and one face piece.  The face piece had to be specially constructed to make it pourable, while allowing the black areas to show thorough. It's a genuinely complicated set of models and the soaps themselves take a lot of prep time to make.