Artist Notes - True Tales of Made Up Adventure

So.  Here we are.  

<West of House>
There is a mailbox here.  

.>open mailbox
There is a note inside. It says "type this into the box, dingus." on the outside.

(I get to do that, I used to work for Infocom)  

A few years back, Brian Graupner (famous for being the frontman of The Gothsicles and writing Straight Up Otter Time, one of my favorite songs ever)  and Matt Fanale (who is famous for being the frontman of Caustic and a generally ridiculously wonderful person) got together to do a one off album as a group that they called The Causticles. (because sure, why not.), They stuffed it full of absurd and delightful music.  This included True Tales of Made Up Adventure, a song about playing Dungeons & Dragons, which got played to absolute death at Gothika for months because none of us could stop laughing.  

A few weeks ago, given that Brian was bringing the Gothsicles to Dark Side, I had an idea of making a soap shaped like a D20. Because clearly, I can't do anything the easy way, I also decided to make the mold custom myself and to stuff an actual die into the middle of each one.  Because of the size of the soap (55mm) the best size for this is a 10mm polyhedral die (which one varies).  

The scent, chosen by Brian Graupner, is Dragonfruit and Pear with bottom notes of amber and incense (which was my doing.)  It's light, fruity, delicious and perfect for your own true tales of made up adventure.