Bath Bombs, Salts & Shower Steamers

Our bath products are all about self-indulgence and self-care in these dark and stormy times. They are the perfect compliments for those silent moments when you just need a splash of decadence to help you along on the path to serenity.

Romeo's Distress bath bombs are skull-shaped harbingers of hedonistic luxury. These highly scented delights will fill your entire washroom with intoxicating fragrances while they double, double, fizz, and trouble up a long lasting perfumed brew. Full size skulls weigh in between 9oz - 10oz each while minis average around 5oz - 5.5oz. Most bombs come in painted and unpainted options.

Best Use: Drop into a fully drawn bath and climb in for a soak.

Drowning Like the Darkness and Drowning Like the Garden bath salts are perfect for unwinding after a long day, relaxing, and plotting your next steps toward world domination.

Best Use: Add a few spoons to your fully drawn bathwater to create the perfect bath experience.

Gloom Cookies are our shower steamers and are perfect for those times when you want the scent experience of bath bombs or salts, without the actual bath. They contain no oils and will not impact your plumbing or stain acrylic, porcelain, stone, or tile surfaces. Our Gloom Cookies are small, individually sized for single-use, and come in packs of 7. 

Best Use: Place a single shower steamer in an area where they will get wet, but not submerged. While they are perfectly safe to set on the floor, you may want to contain them within a self-draining or slotted soap dish/holder or other container, especially if your shower has a slow drain. As they get wet, they will dissolve and release their fragrances.