Body Butters & Scrubs

Soften your skin and moisturize to the next level with Beautiful Freak body butters and scrubs.

-- Our Butters and Scrubs are available in color-free variations and are sold by weight, not volume.

-- Salt Scrubs are available in a Krueger Mix variation which is extra-scrubby and features larger, heavier salts. Krueger mixes arrive in smaller containers to account for weight difference.

-- Whipped products are thoroughly aerated and fluffed during production and containers are filled to the brim during packaging. However, these delicate products can settle in transit, especially during Summer months in areas where temperatures reach 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. Ingredient integrity is still retained in these instances and restoration suggestions are below. Please just be aware of this possibility.

Designed to provide extra moisturizing; especially good for those who suffer from dry skin areas (feet, elbows, hands and knees).

Increase the Treatment body butters have a light consistency that provides moisturizing benefits without heavy residue.

Best Use: Rub in a small amount after a bath or shower while your skin is still warm. Product should absorb like a lotion. You may want to use sparingly as ingredients are mostly comprised of moisturizing butters, oils, vitamin E, and a bit of starch for smooth application. Appropriate for all external areas, especially those prone to dry skin.

Designed to exfoliate and moisturize; especially good for those who suffer from dry skin areas (feet, elbows, hands and knees).

Radiant City whipped sugar body scrubs and Nightmare Zone whipped salt scrubs are designed to exfoliate and moisturize as part of your regular shower routine. They are especially good for areas prone to dryness - feet, elbows, hands and knees. 

Best Use: Rub in a small amount to desired area, then simply rinse or wash off with a water-base cleanser. Appropriate for all below-the-neck external areas (see notes below for other applications).

FOR FACE: Sugar Scrubs can be used on the face, but should be mixed with a bit of water to lessen the abrasive nature of the product. NEVER USE SALT SCRUBS ON THE FACE.

NEVER use salt scrubs on your face. The salt particles are too large to be safe.
NEVER use body butters, salt scrubs or sugar scrubs internally.
(I shouldn't have to say this and yet, here we are.)

Kreuger Mix packaging note: Kreuger Mixes come in an 8 oz tub, but use the same size container as the 4 oz. original mix. This is due to the weight difference of the heavier salts and proportions causing it to only fluff up half as much on whipping. Just something to keep in mind as we package products by weight, not volume.

To restore products that have melted or settled during transit
-- While product is still warm, dump all contents of the jar into a mixing bowl.
-- Chill uncovered for a half hour in your fridge.
-- Use a stand mixer with a whisk attachment or a hand mixer and whisk on high for 10 minutes (hand mixing is possible, but speed and technique must be maintined for best results).
-- Product should be light and fluffy after 10 minutes.
-- Refill into supplied jar, or sealed vessel of your choosing.

Notes on Cold Pack Requests:
While I am happy to ship orders with cold packs upon request, this option can be a double edged sword.   If your shipping time is more than about two days, packs can defrost and then heat up, increasing the heat load in the box.