Satanic (not at all) Panic 4/25/23

"Grab my cane, citizen and walk the highway to hell...."  - Chucklehead: Hell

You know if Im busting out Chucklehead lyrics it can only mean one thing.   BF is headed to Boston.  (and if you don't get the connection, don't tell me.) It's true, and I haven't been there since November 1997 for the "last" (hahahah) Chucklehead show at Mama Kin. 

Anyway, We're there for TST SatanCon, which seems like a strange time waiting to happen so why not. If you're going to be there too, come by and say hi (unless you're protesting it, in which case, don't do that.)  We'll have a new Limited Edition release called Voice of Dissent which is a delicious and decadent fruit forward scent full of apples, persimmons, figs, thyme and deep woodsy notes. Love it.  We'll be headed to Baphomet's Bazaar in NJ at QXT's on May 6 and will have it with us there as well.  

Other than that, you can grab it until the end of May if you're a Patreon member and then it's in the coffin for a little while.  

We're coming to see you, Boston.  (again.) See you soon. <3