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Limited Edition - Sing Somber This Song - Scent Collection

Limited Edition - Sing Somber This Song - Scent Collection

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Our 2022 Gothmas gift is now available for everyone who may have missed out, or wanted to get a jump on next Gothmas gifts!

These bars are made with our Shadowtime glycerin base, and are appropriate for a broad range of skin types.  

Shadowtime soaps are glycerin based, and cruelty free. 


Body Products:

Increase the Frequency body butters are best used after a bath or shower while your skin is still warm. Though they have a light consistency, a little goes a long way, as they contain nothing but moisturizing butters, oils and a bit of starch for smooth application, along with vitamin E.  You can use them all over your body, and they're especially good for people prone to dry skin. You simply rub them on your skin so they're absorbed like a lotion.  

Radiant City whipped sugar body scrubs and Nightmare Zone whipped salt scrubs are designed to exfoliate and moisturize as part of your shower routine.  They are especially good for areas prone to dryness - feet, elbows, hands and knees.  Though you can use sugar scrubs on your face, be sure to mix them with a bit of water and allow the sugar to dissolve a bit so the abrasive nature of the scrub is lessened.  You can then either simply rinse, or wash off with a water based cleanser.  

(Important:  Don't use salt scrubs on your face. The salt particles are too large to be safe. Also, don't use sugar scrubs internally. I shouldn't have to say this and yet, here we are.)

These products are (very) whipped for a light, fluffy texture.  However (this is important, gang, read it.) due to this they will settle in transit.  If they are subjected to hot temperatures of over 100 degrees for too long, the butters in them will melt.  

So two things: 

They are sold by *weight*, not volume - just like breakfast cereal.  When I put them in the jars they are full to to very top.  But as they get knocked around in shipping, in combination with heat, they will collapse somewhat.  This is normal, and it's not something I can prevent.  

If they happen to overheat in transit and melt: they are *not ruined*.  Everything that you need to get them back is still in there. Though I am happy to ship them with cold packs for the summer, this is a double edged sword.  If your shipping time is more than about two days, the packs will do more harm than good, as they will defrost and then *heat up*, increasing the heat load in the box.  If the box is going for a 1-2 day max ride, then it will work better.  I recently put no less than three cold packs in a box going to AZ and they still came out liquid on the far side. So Im telling you up front this could happen.

How to fix it if they melt or collapse too much:

While they are still warm, dump the contents of the jar into a mixing bowl.  
Chill the whole bowl for a half hour in your fridge.
Use a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, a hand mixer or a hand whisk (though you'll hate whisking that long) for 10 minutes.  They will fluff right back up.  
Refill your jar.  

Bath products:

Drowning Like the Garden Bath Salts are perfect for unwinding after a long day, relaxing, and plotting world domination.  Or something.  Just add a few spoons to your bathwater to create the perfect bath experience. 

Or try a bath bomb!  

These bath bombs are huge, elaborately skull shaped,  and weigh in at just over 10 oz. each.   They come in two versions, painted and unpainted.  

They are highly scented and will fill your entire bathroom with fragrance as well as fizz up a storm for a long lasting bath experience.

NEVER use scrubs internally; NEVER use salt scrubs on face

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